the Beavers are:

Titus: Vocals/Guitars
Jack: Drums/vocals
Paul: Vox Organ Harold: Fender bass

the Beavers are back!!

Back from the grave, the Beavers have returned with a new line-up and a fresh set of wild rocking garage tunes!

In the early nineties the Beavers spearheaded a wave of Dutch sixties garage bands, a scene focused around the legendary Vera Club in Groningen but also in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. They released their first 7" single - Nancy, You're a square on the Kogar Records Label. Produced by Mike Mariconda (Devil Dogs) the fuzzy sound of this single still is a benchmark for a lot of garage trash bands and was proclaimed "best Dutch single ever" by the famous Grunnen Rocks site.

The Beavers prooved they could deliver the goods without Mike Mariconda with their second single Rock'n'Roll on the Belgian Demolition Derby label which was a split with Gaunt. Again with a roaring sound this time produced by Paul Carriere (the Beavers' organ player). What makes the Beavers stand out is that typical sound reminiscing the Pebbles and Back from the grave songs, but unlike some bands who prefer playing covers they are all Beavers originals!

In 2005 singer/guitarist Titus (lately active in the Firebirds) runs into old buddy Paul at a concert and they decide to re-form the Beavers. They recruit bassplayer Harold (the Stiffs, the Cheating Hearts) and drummer Jack (the Waistcoats) who are just the right guys to get that raw Beavers sound going again. October 2005 rehearsing starts and the chemistry is there right from the start. It doesn't take the guys more then 3 months to conceive and record a fresh batch of new songs at their local studio. The Beavers get back on stage for the first time in over ten years in april and may 2006 when they play their hometown venues the Walrus and the Vera.

High School Refused records releases a 7" vinyl single the Beavers are Back! in june 2006 with three brand new songs: I'm on no one's side is the A-side, DAF66 and Scared to death are on the b-side. Reactions are great! ("A triumphant return!" -, "Gute Scheibe, gefallt mir!" -, "This is hot and wild and fucked-up like any good rock record should be" -

In 2008 the Beavers record a batch of their new songs at their very own batcave the ORKZ. Engineered by Paul these sessions result in Come on let's Beav: a 10" vinyl mini-album with eight brand new tracks. The album again is released by the coolest label in Holland: High School Refuse. It hits the streets in september 2008 and is greeted with raving reviews, apart from the usual garage mayhem people hear traces of the Lyres, the Outsiders and other Dutch beat influences.
In march 2009 excellent French punkrock label Frantic City Records releases a 7" vinyl single with three never released Beavers songs. Silly Girls is the a-side, on the B-side is an instrumental ode to Link Wray: Link's Dead.
2012 sees the release of yet another vinyl single: recorded in the ORKZ in one take this 7" with 3 raw originals is the fifth single in the Beavers catalogue and again released on High School Refuse records. A-side has 2 raunchy garagepunk songs: Don't Go Away and Down And Out, b-side is pure soul from the gutter: Some Other Time

The band does like to play the occasional gig so feel free to contact them!

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